About Us

Peak is a Partner Gym of Discover Gymnastics. The Discover Fitness Foundation is dedicated to supporting athletes and have partnered with us to allow for scholarship opportunities for youth engaged in Gymnastics.


The Discover Fitness Foundation’s mission is to create a continuum of services for children with special needs, children fighting obesity, and talented athletes that inspires youth to participate in recreational and competitive level gymnastics. We will nurture potential, promote dignity, and support bold steps by all.


The DFF, with the assistance of participating gyms, hopes to remove the financial and physical barriers children may encounter in order to participate in gymnastics and fitness programs. As a result, the athletic scholarship recipients will have improved their fitness levels by participating in the program. Additionally, a greater number of children will experience the benefits of participating in gymnastics.

The Discover Fitness Foundation provides scholarships to youth to pursue activities leading to increased fitness or gymnastic skills, reducing obesity, or meeting special physical needs. Scholarships are provided to youth who otherwise could not access fitness activities due to financial need.

Awards of scholarships are made in collaboration with gymnastic facilities offering approved programs of gymnastics skills and physical fitness.

Grants are awarded three times each year, to co-inside with gymnastic academy’s enrollment semesters.