Can Treadmill Help Parkinson’s Disease Treatment?

Can Treadmill Help Parkinson’s Disease Treatment?

The usage of treadmill is believed to help people improve their health and their fitness level, including helping people deal with various ailments that can affect their physical condition. However, according to the most recent studies and researches, the exercise machine can even help people deal with Parkinson’s Disease, which usually affects their gait, speed, and their overall ability to control their own body’s movement.

Can Treadmill Help Parkinson's Disease Treatment

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease can affect the lives of many people, including the one million people living in Canada and America. This ailment is usually considered as an ailment for the elderly – because they develop the symptoms when they reach their 50s or 60s. However, this ailment is making new ‘progress as it can now happen to younger people as well. The disease usually affects the ability of the brain in order to produce and make dopamine.

Dopamine is a special neurotransmitter that is responsible for delivering signals from the brain cells to motor control. When the signal delivery is being interrupted or disturbed, your physical movements and control will be very much affected. You may start suffering from muscle rigidity, slow movement, tremor, and also gait impairment. The disease may also affect you in other symptoms that are involving non-motor movements, such as depressions, reduced moods, sleep disturbance, and also cognitive function.

It is safe to say that when you suffer from this kind of disease, you will have certain limitations in doing your physical activities. However, recent researches and observations find out that when you are training on the treadmill, you can do something about your condition. in fact, it is possible that your ailment can be treated and even be cured by doing simple exercises on this walking machine.

Types of Treadmill Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease

However, if you suffer from Parkinson’s Disease, you will have a greater chance to treat your issue when you have low-intensity exercise and training. On the contrary to what people believe, strenuous and high-intensity training won’t be able to help much. When you are doing the low-intensity training that is regularly done and monitored, big chances that you can improve yourself and treat the disorder.

When you have regular training at a low-intensity level within the comfortable speed you like and over a longer period of exercise training, the result is much better than doing a high-intensity level within a fast speed range in a shorter period of time. If you are able to combine low-intensity walking training and resistance exercises like extensions, curls, and leg press, you have even bigger chances to treat your condition.

Such studies have been done on the patients where they are given different exercises and treatments, and the groups who are able to combine low-intensity walking exercise with resistance training have a better outcome. In the second place, the groups who do the low-intensity training on the walking machine even develop more positive results than the groups who do the high and fast-paced intensity training.

Although further research and observation are still needed, it is possible to treat patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease by doing simple activities and exercises like walking on the treadmill. Hopefully, the method will improve and the positive result can be confirmed.

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