Girl's Pre Team Gymnastics Levels 1-3

Girl's Invite Only: Ages 3-7years old
Pre Team Developmental Program

We have a team developmental program for athletes as young as three who show a desire and talent for the sport. These girls train in our pre team programs to prepare for future team placement.

This program is addressed to athlete’s ages 3-7 that have an advanced gymnastics talent, being handpicked to one day become a member of the Girl’s Competitive Team. These young athletes show accelerated strength and gymnastics ability that we will mold into elite style gymnasts. These upcoming athletes will be trained through 3 different levels before moving onto the competitive team after obtaining their required skills. Our goal is to properly instruct them through a fast track system of training that will allow them to be ready after 3 levels of pre-team. A full commitment to this program is necessary in order to be a member in this year round sport, therefore all our pre-team levels have more than one day of required practice times each week.

Pre-Team 1 – 1 Hour Classes two times/week

Pre-Team 2 – 1 ½ Hour Classes two times/week

Pre-Team 3 – 2 Hour Classes two times/week*

A student must be invited to participate in our pre-team program, so Peak will personally enroll your child into their class they will be moving into. 

Proper attire

The girls will need to wear leotards or biketards to all practices.  Please no leotards that have added accessories, including skirts or other loose material that could be caught on equipment and cause injury.  Hair should be pulled back out of the gymnasts face.  All jewelry should be taken off prior to the start of practice, including necklaces, bracelets, and dangly earrings.  Tight fitted long-sleeved and/or leggings are okay to wear over the leotards in winter months until they are warmed up.  Tight fitting shorts are also allowed to wear.  This sport is performed with bare feet.


This program is set at a higher level and has higher expectations than the normal recreational classes, so it’s important that students are consistent with classes.  Attendance is essential for athletes to stay on track with skills and keep up with coach’s lesson plan.  This will not only make the process easier for the athlete but also help them to progress at a faster rate.  The 2 days a week are required and if a practice is missed, please notify the gym with a reason for the absence.  

For questions about the Pre-Team program and the plan for success of your child in gymnastics please contact the gym.


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